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Kashi = Monarch MVC


The time is 13:30 PST and the polls are closed. “Monarch” is now the the official name for Kashi. I’m gonna tack on “MVC” so “Monarch MVC”. Hopefully the name will strike fear and reverence into our, um, Flex code.

Vote for me!

Hey guys! Help vote my topics up! Just search for Symantec…

Round 2

New name for Kashi

Okay guys, we gotta rename Kashi to make it legit. Please vote:

Update: We will have a run-off vote of the top 2 during today’s code-review.

Fun With Omnigraffle

I’ve been working on diagrams for my Kashi documentation using Omnigraffle. First of all, sooooooooo much quicker than Visio. Second, here ya go:

I think the last one is the coolest looking, but it’s the more complicated option…. The first two use code-behind for the views. The last uses a map to assign a view controller to the mxml view.