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Threading in Flex

There have been several times where we have had to process large sets of data in our client side Flex applications. Several of these locked the UI for up to 15 seconds on slower machines until we started chunking up the work load.

Eventually, we solved this issue by developing a framework to instantiate and manage ‘thread’ objects. The threads are really just managed time slices.

The framework has the following features:

* easily instantiate and manage n number of threads
* threads have adjustable priority settings
* messaging between threads handled by reflective method handlers (similar to Fabrication for PureMVC)
* load balancing of thread executions in order to optimize performance
* easy and simple api: start(), sleep(), wake(), kill()
* threads can auto-adjust their workload based on the performance of the application. basically, if the app is slowing down, the threads can buffer down their work load. similarly, they can ramp their workload up if the application is running smoothly and the library feels that there is room for increased load.

This library has gone through our open source review board and has been approved to be released into the wild 🙂

You can get it here:

The project archive file contains src, asdoc, and compiled swc.